Sunday, November 09, 2008

Am I ready for der BRIDGE

The time had come for the challenge this weekend. I will be doing the Penang Bridge Marathon 2008 running in the 42k event. Last year the event was held sometime in June and I did blogged about it too. Read last year posting here if you are interested.

Last year was quite a sad event for the running community as one of our running friend Terence Leong passed away because of a brain tumor (I believed some form of cancerous cells). Most of us running in Penang Bridge Marathon send our blessing to him + family and running "In Memory of Terence Leong". All of us wore an extra specially designed bib on our back throughout our run.

Its already more than one year now, as this year the event is in Nov (which is almost 5 months later), and so I will still remember him (in this year run) as a joyful person even towards the very last day before he was put to rest. I am not sure if I want to wear an extra bib during this year run but he will continue to inspire me to run in every race I participate, especially the Penang Bridge Marathon. So on race day itself, if you see me wearing a bib for Terence Leong, please say a prayer for him.

OK, coming back to this year race. This will be my finale before bringing the race curtain down for year 2008. Yes, this is the last race of the year for me before I go into a hibernating and resting mode. In fact I am now carrying a mild sprain on my knee ligament and experience some pain as I move my knee too much. Hopefully by resting well this week and no running till Sunday will ease off the pain. I doubt it will go off completely by Sunday as I have experienced it before. The only way to fully heal is to take a long rest from running.

Anyway no target for me in this run and also in all my marathon races. I will just run to my fullest capability on race day and see how the body take me thru the finishing line on Sunday. All the best to those going up north for the race and those joining the bandwagon to eat, eat and eat in Penang. Good Luck......and seeya at the starting line.


Chipmunkrock said...

All the best for Png!

C-CUBE said...

Thx and Penang had always been a good hunting ground for me.

Runnerz said...

Rest well for now for we run this Sunday and later we EAT! Hehe... Looking forward to travelling together once again. =)

yipwt said...

good luck if they finish the 2nd bridge...maybe can do 2 bridges at one time.

C-CUBE said...

Yip, Thx and how did u do in PowerMan??

yan said...

So beautiful and magnificent