Monday, June 02, 2008


Its 5mins to midnite on 30 May 2008. The Sundown Marathon 2008 starts at 12 midnite, 31 May 2008. And one photo shot for all der 42k Sundowners before we masuk kandang for the race. Everyone looks cheerful and ready for the showdown. The big question mark lingers does my body react running in a race that starts at 12 midnite. Will my body collapse and shutdown at 3am (hopefully we will be at the 30k mark) when almost the entire Singapore is asleep. I think the group take it quite positively without any kancheong syndrome as we are not sure what to just motivate ourself and run.

But I believed everyone of us had one common objective to prove and that is we are all able to run a 42k at any given time.....Sundown or Sunrise. We will hack it with every stride we take to complete the 42k race. And that is what motivate us to do as well as experience the race.

Full report to come very soon......


Kit Weng said...

hey choi, great run!

It was tough and you did great to overtake around the 32 km mark. You were looking very strong then!

I was just glad to finish without injury or cram!

C-CUBE said...

kit, I was holding on for the first 25k and didnt push too hard until I felt I am ready to go for it from 26k onwards. Was afraid my system will collapse running at midnite.