Tuesday, June 10, 2008

INJINJI ~ Toe Socks

I am bringing this brand of socks into Malaysia. What make it so different is instead of the normal tube socks that we normally wear, INJINJI is actually a toe sock which have protection on all our toes. This provide better comfort to our feet and also have the possibilities to eliminate blister problems on our toes.

The key design principal in the development of INJINJI was to create the best possible interface that allowed the entire foot to perform naturally and freely inside our shoes, just like being barefoot. Everything about the conventional tube sock works against your feet’s natural form and function. Consider the difference between gloves and mittens.

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I am testing the market here in Malaysia and hopefully our runners are eductated enuf to spend and invest a fair amount on a quality socks especilly to those who are into high performance sports like running an Ultra, an IronMan race, a full and half marathon and even in the triathlon races.

Do contact me (Choi) at cchoi_2020@yahoo.com or 0193289083 if you are interested to know more about INJINJI.


Sound The Alarm said...

I used to be active in sports. When I took part in running or jumping, I didn't wear socks. That would help in better gripping. I only wore socks in basketball and football.

Do you have Injinji socks for men? I have 2 pairs of men's wear.

C-CUBE said...

i used to hv one pair last time which was bought in US, I was just curious abt the socks so I purchased to try out. Turn out to be good.