Saturday, December 22, 2007


Today is Dong Zhi, and its celebrated on every Dec 22 of every year. It is the second most important festival of the Chinese calender. Celebrated on the longest night of the year, Dong Zhi is the day when sunshine is weakest and daylight shortest. The coming of winter is celebrated by families and is traditionally the time when farmers and fishermen gather food in preparation for the coming cold season. It is also a time for family reunions.

In some parts of Northern China, people eat dumpling soup on this day; while residents of some other places eat dumplings, saying doing so will keep them from frost in the upcoming winter. But in parts of South China, the whole family will get together to have a meal made of red-bean and glutinous rice to drive away ghosts and other evil things. In other places, people also eat TANG YUAN or KUEH EE, a kind of stuffed small dumpling ball made of glutinous rice flour.

The Winter Solstice rice dumplings could be used as sacrifices to ancestors, or gifts for friends and relatives. The Taiwan people even keep the custom of offering nine-layer cakes to their ancestors. They make cakes in the shape of chicken, duck, tortoise, pig, cow or sheep with glutinous rice flour and steam them on different layers of a pot. These animals all signify auspiciousness in Chinese tradition. People of the same surname or family clan gather at their ancestral temples to worship their ancestors in age order. After the sacrificial ceremony, there is always a grand banquet.

Have you eaten your Tang Yuan aka Kueh Ee (In Hokkien) today!!!


CP Waterman said...

Bright & beautiful sunshine out there and you are right it is weak because it is so cold at -2°C here in Paris!
We always have family reunion dinners with our parents but since they have moved on to higher place in 96 & 97 we haven't had any so far. Miss my dad & mom.

C-CUBE said...

Well we had our Tang Yuan together in a family and then follow by a dinner at my wife's cousin house.

Anyway didnt make my way back to ipoh this time. stay put in KL, and will probably head back sometime in Jan and also during CNY in Feb.

Holidays season is peaking up in KL, malls are full of ppl doing their shopping.

And as for me will catchup with some quality runs throughout before 2008 arrives and hopefully with a BANG. Thats the Year of the Mickey Mouse!!!!