Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The 2008 Warlord

Year 2007 is coming to an end and the 2008 running season will begin in no time. I personally had targeted a couple of races that I will be focusing on. And now its the best time to choose my army to help prepare myself for the new running season. These are the shoes that will go out with me for battle, I mean races for the 2008 season. The shoes are specifically hand pick based on the past performance, runner's reviews and what I am having today.

Saucony Triumph 4
The ever reliable high performance trainer. This will be the trainer that I will used for most of my longer runs and may also be the choice for a 42k race within the year. Although it looks heavy and bulky, the looks can be deceiving. But once you put it on to hit the tarmac it will give you the world of cushioning that every runner is asking for. I need such cushy support to pamper both my feet as they are not anymore younger. Hopefully this will prevent me from having any form of leg injury for the year.

Saucony Trigon 5
This is the successor of my old faithful Trigon 4 that I used for 2006/2007 running season. I will be using it as the buddy in crime with the Triumph 4 as both of them will be alternate shoes for my longer runs. As it is newly purchased, I have not really tested it out on my longer runs but I believed it will be as good if not better than its predecessor. At least it feels lighter and if it performs exactly to what the reviews had written, then it can also be an option for a 42k race as well. Lets see how well it performs once I had the chance to burn the tarmac with it.

Saucony Fastwitch
The Fastwitch is an older model of this series but it has already proven to be one of the better racers around. At least some of der Pacemakers are convinced that this is der shoe to use for a 10k and 21k race. And so this will be my racer for the 2008 running season especially in 10k and 21k races. I have already ran with it in the recently concluded KRI 12k in Ipoh and it came out with flying colors. Feels light like a feather yet giving me that cushy feel for the entire race. Its a racing beauty I must said.

As 2008 inches on, I may add one more model into the army if required, but for now I think it will be the 3 warlords that will go war, I mean races with me.


sd said...

Hi C3,

Welcome back! I see you have a good holiday in Australia with all the nice photos ... :-)


C-CUBE said...

Holidays are always great and too bad it had too end somewhere!!!