Sunday, December 30, 2007

Der PiaMakers

Ronnie See aka PM1

Tay Poh Chye aka TPC or Tong Hai Low

Kenny Tan aka AsthmaMan

I had the privilege to run with the threesome this morning around the lake. The intention of this morning run was for me to get familiarize with the loop around the lake and also the pace I shud be running. This is in preparation for Der Pacemakers Network Run 2008 this coming Tuesday ~ 1 Jan 2008. This can consider to be the very first competitive run to start the year and I will be in a mood to push myself a bit and see how fast I can go.

And coming back to this threesome. I dont called them Der PiaMakers for no reason cos you dun play play with them while running. While Kenny Tan can talk kok when running with you, his pace is a tad too fast for me to follow as we hit lap 4 and 5 around the lake. And dont forget he is an asthma patient, cinya!!!

PM1 as usual needed to do Der Pangsai act while we are into the 3rd lap and yet he came galloping like a wild horse to overtake me in lap 5 (which was my last lap). This fellar is full of energy and never runs out of steam. I noticed that he had a very unique style of running where both his feet curls back before landing.

The infamous Tay Poh Chye (TPC) is a runner where you will either love him or hate him. When your running with him, you either take him on and run far ahead of him, or let him run ahead of you. You will never like him when he start pacing with you coupled with his famous heavy footstep and fartlek style of running. If you happens to overtake him, he will come after you like bee to honey. Then he will fartlek you and run ahead of you. After a while he will slow down his pace and let you come after him. And the whole cycle repeats again. You think its irritating??

Anyway when you come to know him better, he is just an ordinary shy shy fellar. Cant blame his fartlek style cos thats the way TPC runs. But when it comes to training, his style of running will really push you to get on with speed.

And coming back to my experience in running with them, please dont go near the fearless threesome if you are not fit and fast to run with them. Their looks can be deceiving but when the rubber hits the tarmac, you will be potong sayur by them left, right and center. But today I must said I am grateful to had such a cinya good opportunity to train with some of these elites. Hopefully that will make me a stronger and faster runner for 2008.

I am wondering if I can run 21k with them and take on the threesome one of these days.

So long and seeya in Network Run 2008.

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