Sunday, September 09, 2007

Mizuno Wave Run 10k

This is my comeback race after been dormant for almost 1 month. To be exact my last race was Aug 5. No running what so ever since then. The day didnt started on the right note cos I overslept!!!! Only woke up at 6.00am ~ no time to do the morning business, no breakfast, blah blah blah.

Luckily the race site is in town else there is no way I can reach on time. Managed to find a parking slot at Bukit Aman. The place was already in full swing with activities having runners all ready for the race. Did some stretching and warmup, and as usual bumped into some running frens. Time to walk down to Padang Merbok at 6.45am

Met some PMs at Padang Merbok and by 7.15am all runners were requested to masuk kandang and be ready for the race. As my fitness sucks big time, I put no pressure on myself to run a fast race. To me any thing under 60mins will be a BIG BONUS for me.

The race started on time, gun off by Datuk Siah Kok Chi. From the very beginning I was running very cautiously so as not to burn myself out since we have to take on the Double Hill and the last uphill towards the end near the Forestry Department.

Photo courtesy from Pacesetters official photographer

First 5km was ran under easy pace and consistently I was able to maintain a 5.30min/km pace. I was really surprised that I can do that even when my fitness is not up to mark. Decided to maintain this pace as long as I can, and I shud be able to finish the race under 60mins if I dont slack.

At the Double Hill stretch I slowed down just to conserve my energy. I took the uphill with ease and in no time I am out of it and onto the hi-way leading towards the Forestry Dept. I took on the last uphill stretch without any problem and turning towards Tugu Negara. At this point it shud be around 2km from the finishing.

I turn on my turbo (as what PM1 always do) and start to potong sayur from here onwards. Was cruising at faster pace and reaches Tugu Negara, then turn left onto Jalan Parlimen. Maintain my turbo pace and crossed the finishing line in 56mins38secs under a Garmin 205 measured distance of 10.6km. Was quite satisfied with my timing although a sub-55mins will be even more appealing but no complains under the kind of fitness I am at currently.

So this is the last race before the 1 month break for the Hari Puasa season where our Muslim frens will be going thru. And this will be a time for me to regain my fitness.

SELAMAT HARI BERPUASA to all Muslim frens.


CP Waterman said...

A well paced run indeed.Bravo!
Watch out for a mean machine on the road after september!
Yes,its time to say SELAMAT HARI BERPUASA to all Muslim friends.


C-CUBE said...

Wasnt pushing myself too hard, so I am OK after the race. Lets see how the month of Sept goes, hopefully the training will put me back to where I am.

Raymond said...

someone said decent pace till the end but zoomed past me like a motor boat towards the last 2km haha.
great run!

RunWitMe said...

Very shiny shoes you got there....

C-CUBE said...

raymond, last 2k after the last slope near Forestry Dept, got 2nd wind ~ so can pia a bit lah. i hv been maintaining a decent pace till then!!!

C-CUBE said...

rwm, yes the Triumph4 cinya shining, very soft and comfy too. i'm luving it!!!