Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Training for a marathon

I found this website under the name Serpentine Running Club which provide lots of information about training, marathon running, running to lose weight and all the way to running and your sex life. I know around, there are lots of seasoned runners who have a very good training program yet there are newbies out there which may need a reference like this.


If you are new to running, you should think twice before attempting a marathon. You should train for a year, or ideally two, before you put your body through the stress of running 26 miles 385 yards. You should certainly NOT attempt a marathon with less than 9 months running under your belt. This means, for example, that if you are thinking of running the London Marathon in April, you should start training by August the previous year. It is possible to run a marathon with less preparation, but you have a significantly increased risk of injury, and you are unlikely to enjoy the experience.

If you are not already running regularly, then you should ideally begin by walking for three weeks, to give your body time to adapt. See our guide to starting out.

The specific training to build up to a marathon begins about 3 or 4 months before the race. Before that, your running should be aimed at building up your fitness, stamina, strength and speed, to lay down a sound base for your marathon preparations.

Specific training programmes for the marathon are widely available. Serpentine Club Coach Derek Turner has written a programme for beginners, available on our training pages. There are also links from our training pages to other marathon training programmes. The rest of this page explains the principles and components of marathon training, to enable you to "roll your own" training programme, or to understand the rationale behind training programmes written by others.

Remember that everyone is different.

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