Monday, January 09, 2006


It has been raining almost every evening for the past week. Most of my run had to be in the morning. Was also comtemplating to join the AMBank Circuit Run Session 2 at Lake Gardens after KC had sent an email out informing everyone in his mail list. Friday evening 6 Jan 2006 was destined to rain heavily, and after my seminar at KTAR, decided to go back and work from home. Sure enuf it rained, and heavily and then tapered of till midnite. I told myself that tomorrow will definite be a cooling day to run at the circuit. The next morning when I woke up at 5.45am, it was still raining pretty heavily and since I am still enjoying my sleep, I called it off and decide not to go for the circuit. Continue to sleep.....zzzzzzzz. Eventually did a 14km run in the evening also under a drizzle throughout the run. Timing was nothing to shout about, just wanted to ensure that I can run comfortably under such distance and build up my N-durance. I reckon my legs are still not strong enuf right now. Lots of mileage to be clock.........

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