Friday, January 27, 2006

Numbers, Numbers and more Numbers

This Friday will be my company Q2FY2006 quarter end. As usual this will be madness especially when we need our partners to get the order in and at the same time people are leaving the city, on their way back to the hometown to celebrate CNY. So before starting the new year mood and start ushering and welcoming the Year of the Doggie, I have to make sure I make my numbers for the Quarter. No two ways, brother. Otherwise cannot KOH LEAN. US$250k to go and I have until Friday to do it. Man, I need all the luck otherwise chia-lat, no mood for the new year. Choy Sun, where are you !!!!

NOTE: LIFEMOU, are you contributing to our Quarter end closing.



lifemou said...

-_-" only usd 90k net to cisco, yesterday-Advanced TEch Security though...GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE REST OF YOUR NUMBERS!!!!CHEERS!!!!

C-CUBE said...

TQ brother, something is better than nothing.