Friday, March 18, 2011

Testing out my new Race Kit

Looking forward to tomorrow's 20k run from Bkt Aman - Hartamas - Bkt Aman (19 March 2011).  Will be testing out my new race kit for ENR 2011, Sundown 2011 and SCKLM 2011.

First is the award winning Saucony Kinara, a minimalist shoe that got the Best Debut Award from Runner's World USA.  Its a one piece sole technology and lets see how well it will hold for a 20k run.  Obviously I am running with the Lime Green one and not the pink one, LOL.

Next is the CompresSport R2 Calf Guard.  I have always been using a full length compression tight either from 2XU or CWX for my long run.  Since I took up the product and is getting quite a good response in terms of sales, I wanna try it myself just to be sure that the product holds up to its reputation as the No 1 brand for compression calf guards during last year IronMan World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.  This is the product that is overtaking most of the popular brands (in terms of sale and popularity) and getting alot of positive feedbacks not just only from the elites but more importantly from amatuer sportsman and sportswoman like you and me.

Will keep u updated on the test reviews on both products.


YS said...

Hi Choi, what time are you going to start the run? Hope you don't mind if I can join, if time is right.

C-CUBE said...


YS said...

Thanks Choi, will see you...:)

Puisan said...

eh the pink one nice la!!!!!!