Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bah Ren No Half Marathon

Its not Baleno, but Bareno.  What are they, u may asked.  Well they are a company that specialised in wash basin, sinks, jacuzzi and anything about toilet wares. Anyway so much about them.

I think I cant recall when was the last time I ran a 21k race.  It must be at least more than a year ago!!!!  Even for this race I didnt register for it.  It was a last minute thingy when I bought it from someone who is not running.  And obviously running under a different name and Open category.  600 medals up for grab I was told.

Not much expectation out of this race, as I am still in he midst of recovering from a bad cough and flu.  Medication had weaken my body for the past 2 weeks.  And also still suffering a pull ligament on the back of my leg due to some MTB session.  Even if I am fit, I doubt I can go under 2hrs. So target is to try and maintain a 6-1/2min pace and finish the run in 2h 15mins.  And bcos I have not run a half marathon for so long, proper pacing of the race is important.  Not to tekan too early, if not I may not be able to sustain the 2nd part of the race.  Run too slow in the beginning and I may not be able to catch up for lost time.  So in fact running a 1/2 marathon need lots of good pacing and endurance speed if one wants to do a sub2 race.

In no time, the runners were usher to the start point and the race got start.  Got smack at the back of the pack.  Slowly work my way up to catch up for some lost time and then maintain a steady pace.  The route took us from The Bukit Jalil Stadium carpark, out to the Sg Besi highway, then into OUG/Happy Garden, the Maju Expressway and then back towards the stadium via the Puchong-Shah Alam Expressway.

The route can be deem pretty challenging especially towards the last 5k where there are alot of steep and short climbs.  Certain stretch of the route was pretty dark and can be dangerous if someone will to trip themselves.  I was pushing myself abit in the beginning and test my fitness on how long I can sustain.  Also to ensure the pull ligament doesnt act up.  Taping the affected area with MUELLER Atheletic Tape was effective.  Hardly felt any ligament pull and pain.  Felt that my energy level is depleting at around the 13k/14k mark where Azam and Calvin started to open up the gap, as I was trailing trailing them closely from behind since the 9k mark.

Then I maintained a more comfortable pace to reserve some energy for the finishing.  As the route approaches the last 5k, there are quite a number of short and steep climbs that can easily demoralise a tired runner.  I keep pushing thru at a much slower pace rather than to walk.

Energy level is low now and the effect of medication is taking a toll on my body.  Last 1k to go.  Heck lets get it done and complete the race.  As I approaches the entrance to the stadium carpark and crossed the finishing line, my watch showed 2h 12mins 15secs (slightly better than wat I targeted)  Position 458 and I have got a medal for the race.

Looks like I  have to do more 21k if I need to make some improvements in the timing.  Running too many marathons will basically slowed down one performance in 1/2 marathons as the pacing and speed endurance are totally different.  And so to those out there, if you are consistently doing sub2 1/2 marathon, u are doing a great job.  There is nothing wrong in continuing to focus on just 1/2 marathons if you are doing well in this category.

Pictures courtesy of Weng, KK Yum and Gege Tey


RaYzeef said...

Congrats Choi..

Tanker said...

Yeah, pacing is really important from I learns from the past, need to be consistent, felt the same thing as a nite before race..suffered from bad flu, but when running yesterday, I keep checking my pace just let it remain steady, and can say that's a good starting for this year ,1st time to run without injury and cramps in half-mara :)