Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New experience and New beginning

Today marked a day that it will not be forgotten in life for me and my daughter.  WHY?....because today is the day that as a father, I took the responsibility of sending her (as an 18 year old girl) to attend the National Service Program (Program Latihan Khidmat Negara) for 2011 - Year 8/Batch 1.

I have to drive her to the Reporting/Gathering location in Putrajaya (Park N Ride, Precint 1)  Arrived there with a buffer of one hour.  Anyway its better to be early than late, more so I am not very sure about the location.   For those who doesnt know wats Park N Ride is for in Putrajaya.  Its actually a very huge parking lot to accommodate driving visitors.  They can park their cars there and hop on to those shuttle buses that ply around Putrajaya.  The concept is pretty good but not sure about the punctuality of bus service.  may give it a try next time.  Ok lets not divert.  Back to the topic.

Got my daughter registered with an PLKN officer, which is very friendly.  Explain to me and my daughter of the camp she was assigned, and also provide me a map to that location when I want to pay her a visit during the weekends.  Since we were early, it was fortunate that my daughter was assigned to the first bus which will leave earlier for the camp.

While waiting for the bus to depart, the crowd start to multiply.  You can see all girls and boys from all walks of life.  The rich, the medium class, and the poor. The parents were no different.  Some just let their kids be independent and checked their luggage into the bus.  Some spoon fed them like a King, carrying the kids luggage and even accompanied them onto the bus.  You can see alot of Mummy boys and Daddy girls, mostly looking with a shock and scary facial expression, nerdy looks, showing very uncomfortable body language, etc, etc.  I guessed these are the ones who are so pampered at home (with maids serving them) that they do nothing but eat, sleep, Internet and having their PSP with them all the time!!  Wish them all the best in the camp and I know they will suffer kau kau lat with all the trainings and outdoor programs.  Now they have to learn and fend for themselves and learn some survival skills.  Daddy and Mummy is not around anymore, dude. (You cant called Kakak Yati to get you a glass of water!!)

Although my daughter look abit uncomfortable (because as an 18 yr old  teenager, this is definitely out of their comfort zone)  but I am quite sure she will blend in well along the way. During this time, I also befriended a retired army personnel by the name of Bahar.  He was a PLKN instructor for year 2008 at KKB camp.  He did gave some advise to my daughter in how to cope with the training.  According to him its not total hardship but also an enjoyable one.  This gave her some confidence and get her into the routine of expecting some good things out of the program.  His advise is just follow the instructor training program, adapt well, communicate with your new friends and that will be fine.  According to him, the program had improved significantly since Day 1 (that was 8 years ago)

Soon the first bus is ready to depart for camp and I waved goodbye to my daughter and gave her a thumbs up.  All the best I shouted....hopefully she can hear me from inside the new air-cond PLKN bus.  I bid goodbye to Bahar and hopefully we can meet again at the camp during the weekends when visiting the kids.  As I walked towards the carpark, I saw some mothers weeping away.  They are so sad that their sons and daughters were leaving them, going away for 3 months.  Come on Mummy, dont pampered your kids, let them be independent  (I said in my heart)  They shud take this opportunity and learn to be independent, master some survival skills and come back stronger.  You gotta come out of this shielded world and fight for yourself.  Stand up and be counted.

As I drove out of the carpark, I saw many more mothers weeping away. Aiyoh Ah Sow.....dont be so sad lah.  You can go visit them mah!!


TAN said...

I joined the 1st batch training last time, well it was really a great exposure for me, which trained me to be a reserve officer in Reserve unit now, don't worry, the training now not as tough like what I am doing in the past, should be a motivational and enjoyable training for your daughter, for food wise...nothing much can comment ...just try it ^^

C-CUBE said...

Tan, TQ for ur feedback.

calvin said...

Eh C3, u didn't start weeping away as well ar? hehe. Jokes aside, it should be a very good experience for your girl.

YS said...

Hi Choi... actually would like congratulate you that you have finally set the 'bird' free to explore the world for the first time!

I had a similar experience yesterday, but mine is sending small 'bird' entering Primary-1. The scenery is almost like what you describe... a lot of mummy-boys and girls! Oh no... 11 more years to go before I can set him free, like you.

By the way, LIKE your proposal of tackling the 100k VERY VERY MUCH! That's the rule of 8-9-10 for 45-27-28k. Really appreciate your sharing in the blog-page. Plan to blog about your training? Am eager to learn from you.

Jamie said...

Congrats! Must be a milestone ya? Tai Kor lui chor!

C-CUBE said...

Calvin, hahaha i didnt cry woh!! I hope she will take back something valuable in terms of life experience.

YS, long way to go for you. But enjoy watching them grow up. And glad that you found something useful fr my blog. Blog abt my trng, i used to do that but after a while i thot it was quite monotonous. maybe others will find it useful. let see how it goes, i may blog abt it again.

Jamie, something good to experience advising her what to do.