Tuesday, October 26, 2010

She is not train to sell

About 3 weeks ago I received a phone call from one of the fitness centre in town codename TF.  A gal by the name of Sue (not the real name) introduced herself.  Very polite, good command of English and jovial, she introduced herself and without any hesitation told me I have won a 7 days free usage to the Gym.

Sue: My name is Sue and I am from TF.  Mr Choi, you have won a 7 days free usage to our gym.
Me: How do you get my phone number?
Sue: It was from our balloting box and your name/contact was taken from there
Me: How come?  I have never been to a gym and not associate to any of them, so how do you get my number?
Sue: Errrr....maybe from your friend who gave it to us
Me: Errrr, OK.  Anyway I am not interested in it
Sue: Why, its free and also we will throw in a PT to help you out.
Me:  I dont like to do my running in an enclose environment
Sue:  How about working out your muscles, and we also have  body pump and yoga session
Me: I am not into body building, dont really like to have a huge upper body with slim legs
Sue: But then you can join our yoga session
Me: My body not so flexible so yoga not so suitable for me
Sue: Errrrr, maybe you can try it out and if you dont like it then you can just stop
Me: Brit, its OK.  I wont take it, and thank you so much for offering it to me.
Sue: Mr Choi, maybe just give it a try.  I will arrange a PT who is also a runner for you, so that he can help you out too.
Me: Thank you for offering, but I am just not interested. Better not waste your time.
Sue: Ok, you think about it and if you change your mind, you at give me a call at 12345678.
Me: Sure, will do. Thank you.

The conversation stops here.  Not sure if she is train to sell what facilities does TF have. But I am really sad that she was put into a position where she is not selling anything unique about the gym (unless there is really nothing much TF have to offer)  Everything she said is so standard where I believe all the gym in town offer.  Nothing spectacular that can create an interest for me to change my mind.  Sue can probably sells better if she is equip with better training and what to sell with a competitive edge over other gyms.


Anonymous said...

I'd say she is a little too persistent. I always respect those marketing people with the patience of saints, they don't really push their products right in your face, but there's something in their approach that makes you want to know more.

Anyways, I don't think people who can find the time to run outdoors need gym.

C-CUBE said...

yah i must said she is persistent