Saturday, July 12, 2008

2 0 1 0

This is a big year. 2010. Yeah its the World Cup 2010 that is going to happen in South Africa, but thats not big enuf to shout about. The year 2010 is even bigger for MALAYSIA. This is when our PM dude called Abdullah Ahmad Badawi aka Pak Lah is going to hand over the PM baton to his deputy dude called Najib Abdul Razak aka C4 man.

Our PM dude had the cheek to make such an announcement which is only going to happen in 2 years. Imagine that!!!!. Anything and so many things can happened in 2 years. He can bring the country down by that time. The 9th General Election wud have happened and the Opposition may have taken over the ruling of the country. Poor C4 man had to wait for 2 years....from grey hair to no hair. Rosmah was eager to be the 1st lady but she had to wait, hehehe!!! And she will said "I am not hardup for it, bcos I am not involve in politics".

Why say something thats so irrelevant and only happen in 2 years time. If my boss tell me that, I would have asked what is his/her intent to do that. Is there sincerity to this kind of statement, or are you just telling me to hang around and continue to kiss his butt. Go FLY KITES, dude !!!!
No offense but I need to understand why tell me such things when its only going to happen in 2 years time. What kind of bullshit is this !!!!

C4 man, good luck to your waiting. You may not even had the chance to become our next PM bcos by that time Brother AI and Kit Siang will have rule the country.

TOO LAN !!!!!!

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