Sunday, July 29, 2007

To Pia or Not To Pia

Two weeks, Two races and Two death....Cinya!!!! I am lost for words and sad to hear such news.

This is almost unbelievable and such incidents hardly happened in the sports scene 10-15 years ago. So wats happening now?. Izit pure carelessness or just coincidental. Last week I was informed that a participant actually got drown and passed away in the PD Triathlon event. Wat actually happened to him that causes his death, I dun know. If anyone know the root cause please share with everyone so that we are aware of it.

And today I was again informed that a 48 year old man passed away after finishing the Melaka Half Marathon race. Wat happened to him.....did he pushes himself too hard and trigger a heart attack. Does he had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and hypertension that trigger the attack. All these are possibilities to any runner especially when one doesnt know their own condition. So its extremely important to know your personal blood pressure and heart condition, especially when you are 40 years old and above.

So the next Q for myself is whether to really push myself in races. Or just take it easy from now on and run comfortably. Izit really beneficial to one when we race week in week out? Do we need to allow more time to rest our body before the next race? I think the most important thing here is to listen to our body and not pushes it too hard. Else it will just give way and we will collapse. I dont have all the answers and hopefully someone can make some comments here, especially those in the medical profession.

Take care all and run well.

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