Monday, July 02, 2007

Back To Basics

That race on 24 June 2007 draws an end to me running another marathon for the rest of year until 2008. YES, I wont change my mind no matter what happen (unless something irresistible comes out) that PBM07 will be the last marathon race for the year.

Its back to the drawing board that speedwork will be the focus till the end of the year and races that I will run will basically be 10k and 21k. I will work on my speed and use the local races to determine whether I can make improvement to my speed. Ever since making a comeback 2 years ago, eudurance running was my focus in building up my fitness and stamina. Now that I think I am there, speed will be my next target for improvement.

This period of time will be able to determine whether how fast I can run in a 10k and 21k race. While on the way back from Penang, I was contemplating to get Ben, Jamie and Geraldine to do a time trial from Bukit Aman to Hartamas. We are targetting to do a 49mins run (just one way) and see how we fare in it. Obviously there must be some speedwork done prior to that, else we will fail.

Lets see how this goes and will I still be a slow tortoise or a speedy Gonzales after this. Watch me come at your butt.....muahahahahaha!!!!!

PBM07 Split Time

5k - 27mins59secs
10k - 56mins42secs
15k - 1hr19mins59secs
20k - 1hr57mins35secs
25k - 2hr31mins13secs
30k - 3hr03mins09secs
35k - 3hr38mins23secs
40k - 4hr14mins36secs
42.195k - 4hr29secs03secs


CP Waterman said...

A better way would be a gentle warm up run of 10 to 15 minutes follow by a 5k time trial. From there you can then work out what goal times (your potentials) to hit from 10K to Full marathon races.
All the best!


C-CUBE said...

h20, yeah i think thats a good idea. thx for the advise.

NEZZ said...

this is superb!! how i wish i cud take 2 mths' leave & train for my nxt mthon kau kau lat jia lat... :)