Sunday, August 06, 2006

I Not Stupid 2

I finally found some time with my family to catch up with this movie since I bought the VCD god-knows-when, and was sitting inside the CD drawer all this while (almost forgotten that I purchased it)

I Not Stupid 2 is not a continuation of the part 1, but focuses more on teenage school children issues and the communication problems between 2 generations ie the parents and the school going kiddos. The storyline focuses on two family; a rich and well to do family where the parents are so busy with their work and business, they practically have no time for the kids. The other was a broken family where the father is a single parent and also an ex-prisoner. There is a subplot about the youngest son thinking that kissing, holding hands and sleeping together would lead to pregnancy does create a question on whether sex education should be part of the school curriculum. Another subplot was the technique required to teach students that have no interest in their studies and are also more aggressive and mischievous.

What the story also told us was that do not under estimate school children that does not excel. These young people need encourgement and they could turn out to be the most street smart people and probably very successful in their life. Anyway this a an average movie, compare to the first one (I Not Stupid), but I think its a wakeup call to those parents out there that are so busy with their life that they totally ignored their kids. Worst thing is that they have no clue on what their children are doing and do not communicate effectively with them and understand their needs and challenges.

Watching a Jack Neo's movie is like listening to all your Uncles and Aunties that you've met during Chinese New Year, talk about their lives, and their lives and views about the world (or Singapore/Malaysia for that matter). Just like relatives whom you meet once a year or so at major family gatherings, it is all joyous and good, but it can get a little annoying if you have too much of the same thing.

Watch the movie yourself and tell me how you like it !!!!

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