Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Extinction of Leatherback Turtles in Malaysia

Have Malaysia (as a country) and Malaysians (as the citizens) learn to luv the nature. I think with the report yesterday on the above, it have been clearly stated it is a big NO. Majority of Malaysians dont bother about nature!!!!

It was extremely sad to read the report yesterday that
the endangered leatherback turtle population is effectively extinct in Malaysia and this has deprived the country of one of its most charismatic tourist lures, says a United Nations Environment Programme report.

As long as we Malaysian continue to behave the way we are, ie throwing rubbish all over the places, open burning, dirtying and poluting the rivers, winding down the car windows and spit on the road, chopping down of trees in the forest etc, etc, we will continue to see that lots of other natures that are invaluble to the country may be extinct in no time.

With the declaration of the extinction of the leatherback turtles on our shore, gone are the days where you can camp by the beach at dawn and wait for the giant creature to come out to lay their eggs. It was the most amazing thing that I have ever witness in a real life and nature environment of the giant turtle laying their eggs on Malaysian shores. Yet people are so inconsiderate where they will climb on the turtle backs for a picture and eventually steal the eggs and sell it away. The main culprint are the people who eat turtle eggs.

Today we can said GOODBYE to them and you probably will never see them again on Malaysian shores. One country lost is another country gain, and maybe these creatures will migrate elsewhere to do their business. And that country will leverage on that to lure tourists to their spots.

Looking at the way it is going, in no time our tropical forest will be the next thing to get extinct as well, if control are not put in place. The activities of illegal logging and chopping down of trees in forest for the purpose of development are getting out of control now. No one even bother about nature as long as money can be made and are in their pockets.

Having all said and done, we Malaysian only have ourselves to blame. Full stop. Think about nature before your next move.

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