Friday, November 11, 2005

Running in the rain.

Decided to go for a run today at 6pm even though the sky was telling me that it will definitely rain and very heavy too. Any way I have made up my mind for this run just before my long holiday year-end break starting next week. It had started to drizzle when I reached TTDI park and I was telling myself that it has been awhile since I ran in the rain. The consolation here is that the weather will be very cooling. I did my first 2 laps under continuous drizzle and I felt very good, coupled with a cooling weather and real fresh air. As I moved into my 3rd, 4th and 5th lap the rain started to become heavier and heavier. My shoes are getting wet and started to become slippery inside and heavier especially with the water soaking into it. I continued to finish lap 5 and started lap 6. I told myself this will be the last lap before I call it a day and half way thru the lap, the heavy downpour started. I completed lap 6 and my whole body is now soaked and wet. Immediately I took shelter at the Men's toilet area and cool myself down before going home. And next week I will be flying to the
Land Of The Long White Cloud aka Aotearoa for my vacation and will only be back on Dec 2, 2006.

Cheers and Ol Man signing off........

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