Saturday, November 12, 2005

Aotearoa [aoˌteaˈroa]

Holiday Mood. Its starting to trickle in. Yes, I am going to take my usual year-end long break starting next week and won't be back until the 2nd of Dec 2005. I will be flying off with my family to the Land Of The Long White Cloud aka Aotearoa. Your guess is right, thats New Zealand aka Land of the LOTR. Running is totally out of the mind for me for the next 2-3 weeks while I am there. Looking forward to visit some friends whom have migrated there and attend to some other personal matters.

After that it will be on a Self-Drive expedition to explore the country (North & South) and maybe engage in some extreme sports like bungee jumping and high-powered speed boat cruising along some rivers.

I have also booked my family to a farmstay where I believe we can experience the life of working and staying in a farm in NZ. Feeding and milking the cattle and sheeps will be one heck on an experience.

Having a bath in the thermal pool will always be relaxing and soothing. Hopefully we can try the volcanic mud bath this time although it may not be the same as Poring Hotspring near KK Parks. I will definitely explore more new places in this trip although my family were there before in year 2000. But this time it is not the same, where my 2 kids are much older and the places I planned to go are new to me. Mount Cook is one of my destination where I can explore the highest peak in the country. Don't worry, I am not going for the summit because it is real cold out there and full of ice. Anyway time to sign off and do my packing for the trip.


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