Thursday, August 26, 2010

Eight Four Kay - Lap 2

I started Lap 2 with Dr Pui San and as we ran out of the pit stop, the Full Marathon was about to start. About less than 1k into our Lap 2, we were caught up by the front pack of the marathon runners and soon a sea of runners started to overtook us.

After running for the next 2k-3k, Dr Pui San was falling behind. I slowed down and wait for her bcos there are so many marathon runners blocking the course. Soon I lost sight of her and decided to go on my own. Obviously sleepiness is starting to creep into my body as its already past 12 midnite and hitting the 1am mark.

Lap 2 will definitely be more dramatic and I am expecting my body to take it on for the next 6-7hrs or so. As i am running all alone by myself, I continued to say my prayers to Guan Yi Ma for a safe journey to the finishing.

This lap was ran together with most of the slower marathon runners who started their race at 12 midnite. I was running slowly and continued with the Run/Walk regime, only this time the run was cut down to 5k and walk is still 1k. This continued and probably even the slowest group of mararhon runners had overtaken me.

Finally completing that very straight road of 10k and nwt heading into the East Coast Park. Thats is I have oredi done 50k. Sleepiness startes to creep in and at certain moment I am actually sleep running, almost dozing off. At certain point I actually sit down by a bench, take a short rest and stretches the body and legs to loosen up.

The stretch along East Coast Park was pretty deserted now as most of the party goers and visitors are almost all gone. Left are those that are camping around the area, those still having their BBQ session and abovious all the LOVE BIRDS!!! This is the time of the nite for them to strike the jackpot. Anyway I let it be and leave them to enjoy their moments while I continued to focus on my Lap 2.

Around the 55k mark sleepiness starts to creeps in, I am in search of Coke.,... Yes, caffiene to keep me awake. I bumped into a group of party goers having their BBQ session and went straight to them. Asked them if they can spare me a cup of Coke and without hesitation a guy handed me half a bottle (1.5L) OMG....thats a savior indeed!!!. I thank them and while running gulp everthing and instantly I felt so relieve and the sleepiness/tiredness were starting to go away after a few minutes.

At the 58k mark, I bumped into my support crew. Lynette and Boon Seng (Bose) was there handing out bananas, Coke, Red Bull, chocs, etc. I stop for a while to refresh myself, chit chat with them and gulp in my Coke, had a banana and then grab a can of Red Bull and a bottle of Pocari before continued with my run.

5k more to go and I will have hit 63k, and covering 3/4 of the ultra. Looking forward to hit the U-Turn as I strived on. Slowly but surely the sight of the U-Turn is starting to be of visible from afar. The nite is lonely now as I can hear sounds of the insects, especially those crickets chirping all over. They must be saying "This stupid guy running around here at this time of the nite disturbing us"

And finally I step onto the timing mat.....Beeeeeep, and do the turn. 63k completed and 21k to go. If I will to remember correctly, I have to run out of East Coast Park and then onto that very straight road again before going into the last 2k that leads me into the Finishing point at the Changi AViation Exhibition Center. Sounds simple and lets do it, and I gathered my full courage to carry on. I think I need at least 3.5 to 4hrs to complete this last 21k.

Guan Yin Ma....pls popee popee no cramp from now onwards.

After another 3k of running I bumped in Uncle Yee Choi. He was slowing down and taking a rest. I stopped and accompany him for awhile, had a chit chat, and he moved on. I decided to take a longer rest to ease all the stiffness and tiredness on my legs. Rested about 5 minutes and lifted my body up and continued running. Then I saw Terence Poon and team on the other end of the course. They are slowing down, probably waiting for their team members to run together and this will make it alot easier for those doing their maiden run. Greeted them loudly to boast up our confidence, I continued my journey.

Another 3k or so, I saw Gary on the other end. He is way behind Terence group and I passed him the bottle of Pocari that I have been holding. "Charged up yourself with this".....I told him. The path along ECP was deserted by now, only having runners on both end sweating it out. The path getting out of ECP seems to be a very long one although its just 10k.

The Run/Walk strategy was still in place, and I think I have made the right choice as my leg is still holding on till now. Km after Km I passed and praying out loud to Guan Yi Ma. For most of the time I was running alone, pacing some marathon runners and even overtook some. Eventually I got myself out of ECP and what a relief. After running for another 3k, I can see the 72k mark. Its another 12k to go. Sup Sup Water.....if you are running a half marathon. But after running 72k and with 12k to go, thats something I am not looking forward to. But do I have a choice. This will be the final stretch to achieve something not everyone have the courage or guts to do. That gave me the inspiration to move on swiftly no matter how long it take but I estimated to be at least a minimum of 2hrs.

I galloped on and at one moment was pacing with a Miri runner (must be from Chen Chee Kong's group). Exchange some words with him and just tailgate him as his pace was pretty reasonable but he does stop and walk at times. Then come back running and took the lead again. This continue for a good 2k to 3k and eventually he charged on like a new turbo engine. Stride after stride I lost the visibility of him.

Then I bumped into Backman Tony. He was so far ahead of me and he is walking now. He said the humidity took a toll on him and will slowly walk/run to complete the race. He asked me to go ahead and catch up with some time. Another inspirationan given by Tony that if he can run backwards to complette the race, why cant I do it running at a normal style.

And there I pecut again full of courage and charged on. Out of no where Amelia called me out and overtook me. WOW, she is on second wind with a twin turbo charged pace now. I tried following her but my energy level does not permit. So I slowed down and get back to my comfort pace. Knowing that the 80k is very near based on my GPS kok, I increased the pace abit without straining myself. AT last the 80k signboard is in front of me and I know I will take a turn into the Changi Aviation Exhibition Center. It will be a 2k stretch before the finale.

I gather more courage now and my pace is getting more intense. Saw Peter Goh going at a very slow pace and asked him to join me to cross the finishing. He said he is out, leg all jammed up suffering from severe cramp. Passed him and ran if there is no tomorrow. At this point I can hear the voice of the Race Emcee shouting out the names and congratulating ultra-marathoners when they crossed the finsihing chute.


In Memory of Ngae and Adam OneArmRunner lying on the ground to savour the moment of finishing the ultra

With Adam OneArmRunner

As I turned into the final stretch leading to the finishing line, I saw Adam OneArmRunner stopping to rest his both legs. I hold onto him and asked if he is OK and gradually dragged and told him we will crossed the line together. The moment of high achievement was spinning in my head. I spread my two hands out emulating a flying eagle gliding swiftly in the air, running in a "S" position. Pumping my hands and with both my fist held high, I crossed the finishing line with a sense of excitement. Excited that I have done it and smile across the face. Adam was just behind me and dropped to the ground. I walked towards him and asked if he is OK and the medical team was wandering what happened to him. He said he was OK, just wanted to savour that moment of completing an ultra marathon.

I knelt on the ground and say a prayer to Guan Yin Ma for her protection and guidance throughout the race.


With Amelia who beat me to the finishing

29/30 May 2010 will be the day that will be marked as a day of great achievement in my life chart. Will I do it again. I cant answer you that right now.

Note: Pix courtesy from Lynette, Pui San, Gege Tey & Weng

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