Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hot Hot 25k

It was a training run that I wanted badly. Down for more than 3 weeks with cough and throat infection, coupled with the medication which knock me out almost completely. So yesterday 25k run was a test of my endurance and whether I am back in shape after knocking in some 3ok within the week.

The morning started off extremely hot and humid, and I have Loke as my running buddy this time. I just take it very slowly in the beginning. Just make sure that I dont push too hard and run out of energy towards the return leg.

Able to handle the first 10k pretty well but the humidity is taking a toll on both of us. We hydrated ourselves at the Petronas kiosk and continued with 2 loops (2.27k) around the Hartamas housing area before running back to Bukit Aman carpark.

The return leg was ran at a slightly faster pace as compare to the first leg. Am still able to handle the pace pretty well. Struggled a bit on the uphill around Tijani area. Once both of us cleared that, it was a good pace together till we hit Jalan Parlimen. Loke increased the pace a bit along the uphill stretch towards Lake Garden and I just tailgate closely behind. Although pushing harder and feeling some strain, I can feel that I have almost regain 70%-80% of my original fitness (from an endurance perspective).

Completed the run in almost 2hr 45mins (plus water stop time) and I thot it was a pretty good run for me. I am glad my fitness is coming back and hopefully by end of May, I shall have my full fitness, endurance and speed back.

More hard work ahead......

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Anonymous said...

It's hot even around 8 am. Let's just pretend we're running the sahara hehehehe!