Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Mohan ~ Thank you ~ Xia Xia

Mohan......that's the Indian gentlemen that I mentioned in my posting on KLIM08, that ran along side me somewhere at the 32k mark. He was asking me who I was running for. After telling him about the charity thingy that I am doing, he immediately without any hesitation told me that he will pledge RM100 for my charity run. He said he will wait for me at the finishing line and ran past me. So nice of him.

And without fail, there is Mr Mohan waiting for me at the finishing line when I crossed it and passed me 2 RM50 notes. I thank him again for his true generosity.

Read more about him here.

Note: Picture courtesy from KC blog


Runnerz said...

WOW! I was inspired by his story. He has shown the true meaning of marathon.

C-CUBE said...

runnerz, to Mohan running a marathon is almost 2nd nature and with very little effort.

C-CUBE said...

runnerz, chk this out on the coming Laguna Phuket Marathon

Japanese eco-marathoner and slow-running advocate Hajime Nishi, who has participated in the event the previous two years, will be returning to the Laguna Phuket International Marathon once again. This year, he will be sharing his "Slow is Beautiful" running philosophy with other runners, leading a group of interested participants over the course. His focus will be purely on the enjoyment of the race, interaction with spectators and volunteers and taking photos along the way without the pressure of achieving a certain finish time. On the eve of the marathon he will also deliver a talk on his mission and brief participants on what to expect on race day.

The Japanese marathon globetrotter and Guinness World Record holder has run more than 500 marathons and has a target of finishing 1000 marathons by the year 2050.

Participants in any of the races at the 2008 Laguna Phuket International Marathon are also encouraged to take part in fundraising for charity, whether it is a charity of their choice or HOPE worldwide Thailand, the event's official charity. HOPE worldwide Thailand supports and promotes activities of the Department of Public Welfare and the Ministry of Social Development. Each participant taking part in the fund raising effort is to pledge to raise a certain amount of money for the charity at the same time that they pledge to compete in one of the races on 15 June.

So we have runners like Gege Tey and Haza who falls into the category. They just dont mind running a marathon and with no target for timing. Just relax run, take photos and enjoy it.

And I have started the fundraising run in this year race and will continue to do it and everyway I can.

Runnerz said...

It's really nice to have runners like this and also you. I will support you in your fundraising run in what ever way I could. GAMBATE!