Thursday, December 07, 2006

Once in a life time

Eugene Lee was my travelling mate to the StanChart Singapore Marathon 2006. He said this will be his maiden and swansong full marathon. According to him, "You only live one life, and once in a life time you have to run a marathon"

He ran the first 21k in 2h20mins, and walk the rest of the 21k in 4h10mins. His determination and mental strength pull him thru crossing the finishing line in 6h30mins. My salute and hats of to you. After the race, I asked him whether he will run another marathon. His immediate answer was "My answer will be very biased if you asked me now, and it's a NO, but I reserved the right to change my mind later"

Eugene "I will see you again at the starting line of the next full marathon"


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