Friday, August 26, 2005

Whale Watching at Monterey, California Aug 26, 2005

We started our journey very early in the morning at 5.45am from downtown San Francisco, and walk about 5mins to the Hertz Car Rental to pick up our MiniVan for the trip. The journey to Monterey will take about 2-1/2hrs driving, heading onto Highway 101 and branch of to Highway 1 and into Monterey. Our beloved colleague Laurence Si volunteered to drive all of us there, and no one objects to it. We need to be there by 9am to register ourselves for the trip, but we arrived earlier than expected at 8.30am and decide to go for a warm breakfast in one of the restaurant around the Monterey Fisherman Wharfs area (highly recommended by Laurence Si).

The name of the restaurant is called Ann Kelly's, famous for their omelette. All of us had our sumptuous breakfast there, and I would said that this place is fantastic. Their hot chocolate was delicious too (I help myself to 2 large cups). Omelette breakfast was good too and that was a very heavy one. Hopefully that will keep us warm when we are out in the deep sea.

Nearby the restaurant, I was fascinated by this FORD pickup which is at least 7 feet high. I took a picture of it for remembrance and wish I can drive one here in Malaysia. That's a giant and no one dare come near you on the highway.

Group photo before we head out to the deep sea, an hour boat ride from the harbour.

Photo on the boat that we are travelling out to the deep sea. It was windy and almost freezing cold.

The humpback whale from a distance. We sighted the mammal after travelling for 1-1/2 hrs. It was worth the effort braving through the cold winds and waters. It was amazing, and nothing beats viewing the big mammal from a distance.

We sighted common dolphins on our way back. These dolphins are extremely playful and travel in a pack.

After our 3 hrs trip, we are back at the wharf and ready to find our way back to San Francisco. As recommended by the locals, visitors should never leave this place without having a bowl (sourdough bread bowl) of hot clam chowder. We have it at the store shown in the picture (supposed to be voted the best in town, as claimed in the board shown).

While on the way back to the carpark, I took some pictures of the surroundings of the Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey and here is one picture that shows the marina where all the yacht are parked. This looks like the Rich & Famous Area.

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